Argumentative assignment writing

February 1, 2019

Writing an argumentative essay for 7th grade students may not be an easy task as in most cases, it is usually the first time one is learning about this assignment. An argumentative essay requires you to take a side in an argument and support it through factual information. A student can get a good grade by keeping in mind the following guidelines.

First, begin by selecting a topic. In most instances when your teacher assigns such homework, they also provide a list of appropriate topics to consider. However, if this is not the case, choose a topic that easy for you. It should be one that you know about, one whose subject is of interest to you and one with a wide array of research materials.

Second, gather resources and evidence. In writing an argumentative essay, your opinion is just one part of it. To convince your teacher to take your side, you will need to include facts, statistics, and examples that support your premise. The internet and books can provide you with authentic information that supports your topic.

Third, write the essay. You should structure your essay by following the introduction, body and conclusion structure. In the introduction, begin by providing an interesting fact or provocative statement, introduce the topic and conclude the paragraph with a thesis statement which outlines the focus of your essay. In the body include the most relevant points and support them with statistics, quotes, and examples. Conclude the piece by restating the central position of the essay and the main points.

Lastly, always remember to re-read your work and proofread. You should spend a lot of time on this to eliminate any errors and grammatical mistakes and ensure the flow is on point, making your paper perfect.

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